A common misconception is that “training with weights” is the same as “strength training." But it's not.

Training with weights is often done with little to no effect. Many group classes (and, sadly, even personal trainers) give clients “weights” that barely weigh more than their purses or briefcases. While it’s true that beginners should use less weight when they start out, meaningful development of muscular strength cannot be produced without a meaningful load.

That's where strength training comes in.

A “meaningful” load is different for everyone. For some, it starts out as little more than ten or twenty pounds. For others, it’s many hundreds of pounds. Our programs are meticulously designed to suit your goals and current fitness level, utilizing strength training to powerful effect.

Weight & Fat Loss

Getting strong is by far the most long-lasting way to drop body fat and lose weight. Fat is nothing more than fuel, and stronger engines burn many times the fuel of weaker ones. A normal cardio session burns up calories while you’re exercising, but a workout at FUTURE PHYSIQUE does that and keeps your body torching calories for days afterwards.

In fact, clients universally report an uptick in their metabolism, as evidenced by increased resting body temperature and appetite. That’s right, clients report actually eating more while losing body fat.

Once you’ve experienced kettlebell swings, Squats, and the INTERVALS, you’ll never go back to your prior method of training. 

Muscle Gain

Maintaining and even adding lean mass -- muscle -- is not just for meatheads. It’s critical for health. Muscle tissue is the engine of the body’s metabolism, it supports and protects our joints, and can rapidly disappear in sedentary and/or older folks.

Strength training is not just about looking great at the beach. It’s about building a body that serves you faithfully through a long life of vitality and adventure. Looking great at the beach is just a pleasant side effect.

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